“You’re so reliable, Tom”
                     “And you’re versatile, Otto”
One passion: paper.




Tom&Otto is the everyday all-round coated paper of choice.
Printers agree that it’s the ideal house stock because it can be
used in so many ways on litho-offset and digital printing.

Choose from a wide range of grammages, in gloss & matt finish,
you can rely on a paper that will produce a great look and

feel every time.









Discover the unique benefits
of the Tom&Otto range:


Superior runnability

Efficiency is everything, so your presses need to keep up their speed. Tom&Otto gives you excellent sheet delivery through both straight and perfecting litho-offset presses, ensuring very fast turnarounds. You can also depend on pristine ink setting, minimal rub-off and low ink demand thanks to the paper’s smoothness.

Beautifully smooth

Thanks to its exceptionally smooth finish and low dot gain, ink prints perfectly onto Tom&Otto paper. With our gloss finish, you can expect unparalleled colour reproduction and lustrous image details, even with extra fine screens. This is ideal for high text contrast and excellent readability.

Fast drying

It’s all about deadlines, and Tom&Otto helps you meet them. Thanks to its smooth and even finish, Tom&Otto paper dries remarkably fast, and you can be sure the ink won’t smudge. It means you can turn around jobs more quickly and move onto the next.

Sharp foldability

Paper is about presentation, so you don’t want cracking edges at the fold. With Tom&Otto, there’s no cracking or crumbling and no need to crease with lower grammages. Instead you have excellent folding quality and superb rub resistance.

Kind to environment

We care about the environment and our clients care too. We bleach our pulp, without touching chlorine, to achieve our natural white finish. We produce in mills holding numerous management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, OHSAS 18001). 

Perfect for digital printing

But it is not all. Tom&Otto also demonstrates its superior runnability and printability in digital printing. It is HP Indigo certified and it is suitable for printing on other digital presses.