Range and choice



Novatech, one of the largest
ranges of coated papers!

2 finishes mulitiplied by the number of weights and formats available :
the greatest choice on the market to meet all your printed matter needs.




novatech_gloss_224x167.jpg arrow-cyan_30x22.jpg

Novatech Gloss

Ideal for documents with plenty of visuals and diagrams (photos,
illustrations, illustrated books).

Large range of formats and weights for combining inside
pages and the cover.

Outstanding attributes for converting and folding operations

on publications with high page content.
90 - 135 - 150 - 200 - 250 - 300 and 350 gsm



icon-pdf.jpg Range and Technical spectifications
novatech_matt_224x167.jpg arrow-yellow_30x22.jpg  

Novatech Matt

Accurate use of half-tones for a perfect display of all art reproductions.
Very high opacity to enable two-sided printing in complete safety.
Great feel, conveying a soft and soothing sensation.

90 - 115 - 135 - 150 - 170  - 200 - 250 - 300 and 350 gsm



icon-pdf.jpg Range and Technical spectifications


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