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Wide range of creative papers

Our creative papers are available in a wide variety of colours, across our various ranges.
Arjowiggins Creative Papers is also able to develop special colours and formulations
for our clients. 


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Delos is one of the whitest paper of the world market place used by top European luxury brands for their packaging. Its natural surface aspect, stiffness, tensile strenght and optical performance in term of whiteness and cleanliness turn this paper into your privileged partner for packaging creations. Delos is suitable for any hot stamping, blocking, creasing and folding requirements. Delos is recommended for offset and silkscreen printing processes.



Butterfly Origin has a subtly natural rough surface aspect perfect for creating folding boxes. Butterfly is specially suited to high quality offset and silkscreen printing, and is also ideal for foil stamping. The long fibres of the paper lend themselves perfectly to folding, creasing and embossing. Butterfly Surf, with its double-sided online coating, makes it possible to produce even more stunning and contrasting prints, without any preliminary surface varnishing. Perfect paper for printing solid colours, while keeping a natural touch and feel.



Geltex is a range of pulp coloured papers with a matt finish with excellent scratch resistance
to satisfy expectations of high quality for luxury rigid boxes creations.




Geltex 115 gsm

This range has been especially developed for laminating on grey board to cover rigid boxes.  Contains a high percentage of long fibers, which will give you the necessary resistance when folding or doing deep embossing work. The fibers are dyed through colored fibers which will avoid the white line effect. The surface receives a special treatment to give Geltex a high resistance to abrasion, as well as anti-finger treatment. Very good results when using: Offset, silkscreen, hot foil blocking. Matt finish, different embossings, various stock colors.


Geltex 180 gsm

Especially developed for high quality shopping bags. High content of long fibers, that allows you to use 180 gsm for larger size shopping bags  or shopping bags to have a heavy weight content. No need to laminate to reinforce the resistance of the shopping bag => can be easily recycled. Dyed through colored fiber, deep colors: No white line to be seen. Very good results with offset printing, silkscreen, hot foil blocking. Matt finish, different embossings, various stock colors: among them a deep black.